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Staffing Of An NGO And Employment Of Non Citizens In Uganda

Staffing of an NGO and employment of non citizens in Uganda The law requires every organization to; Submit to the Bureau a chart showing its organizational structure at the time of applying for registration. Indicating its foreign staff requirements The period for replacement of foreign staff with qualified Ugandans. Comply with Ugandan employment and labour […]

Special Obligations Of An NGO Operating In Uganda

Special obligations of an NGO operating in Uganda Section 44 outlines the special obligations of NGO that an organization shall;- Not carry out activities in any part of the country unless it has received the approval of the DNMCs and Local Government of that area and signed a memorandum of understanding with the Local Government […]

Registration of NGOs

Registration of Non-Governmental Organisations in Uganda Applications are made to the National Bureau of Non-Governmental Organisations. This application form is addressed to the Secretary of the Bureau and contains the following; Name of the Organization. Country of origin. Proposed physical address. Particulars of any affiliated organization whether within or outside Uganda. Objects of the organization. […]