Fees Payment Policy

In Uganda professional fees are billed in accordance with the Advocates (Remuneration) Regulations. Under the regulation, a law firm can elect to charge on percentage basis where the value of the subject matter is ascertainable in monetary terms or charge fees per hour of service provided to the client.

At Angualia Busiku & Co. Advocates, we are open to discussion and agreement with the client on the appropriate method of calculating and paying fees depending on the complexity of the work and the time spent on it. Our client can elect to pay at hourly rate, flat rate or retainer fee. Retainer fees may be paid monthly or annually and the amount depends on the volume and complexity of the work.

In either method of payment, costs and disbursements do not form part of the professional fees. Costs and disbursements include but are not limited to; Government fees, commissioning, notarizing, telephoning on long distance, mailing and transportation facilitation to our attorneys or court clerks to court.

We accept payment using credit card

Here is the flow

Step 1

Contact Us

Send us an email about the service you want.

Step 2


Upon agreement on the fees payable, we send you an invoice with a secure link for credit card payment

Step 3


You process payment and receive the desired service.

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