Functions of National Bureau for NGO’s

Functions and powers of the National Bureau for Non Governmental Organisations

  1. Functions

Among its functions the bureau is mandated to;-

  • (a) Advise the minister on policy relating to the operations of NGOs.
  • (b) Formulate, develop and issue policy guidelines for DNMCs and SNMCs for the effective and efficient monitoring of the operations of NGOs.
  • (c) To establish branch offices of the bureau.
  • (d) To formulate and develop policy guidelines for DNMCs and SNMCs.
  • (e) To make recommendations to relevant authorities with regard to employment of non citizens by an NGO; whether an NGO should be exempt from Tax; and other duties, privileges and immunities to be accorded to an
  • (f) To coordinate the establishment and functions of the National Non Governmental Organisations Consultative and dialogue platform.
  • (g) To establish and maintain a register of Organizations.
  • (h) To consider applications for issuance and renewal of permits. Etc.
  • (i) Perform any other functions under the Act or as may be directed by the minister.
  1. Powers

The Bureau has powers to;

  1. Co –opt technical officers to deal with specific issues.
  2. Summon and discipline organizations (warnings, suspending the permit, exposing the organization to the public, blacklisting the organization or revoking the permit). An organization must first be given an opportunity to be heard before any action is taken against it.
  3. Charge fees for services rendered.