Gamede Sibusiso Sydney

Gamede Sibusiso Sydney


Sydney Holds Bachelor of laws degree from Warwick University, UK (1989-1992)  Diploma in Legal Practice   from School for Legal Practice (Association of Law  Society of the Republic of South Africa (1996), Master of laws degree in International Energy Law and Policy   from  University of Stirling, UK  (2017) among other qualifications and certifications

He previously practiced in the law firm of Sibusiso Gamede Inc until 2019, He also served as Special Advisor to the Minister in the Ministry of Energy of Republic of South Africa (2014) where he advised on: Energy Law and Policy covering: Renewable Energy, Nuclear Law and Policy on International Energy Law and  Policy, Licensing and permitting to Petroleum and Gas Law.

At international level, he was head of the South African Government Delegation Basel Convention- Geneva, Chairperson of the Africa Legal Group Basel Convention-Geneva, Represented Africa in the Drafting of the Compliance Regime under the Basel, Chair of the Strategic Planning Basel Convention -Geneva Head of South African Delegation-UNFCCC-Bonn, Advisor to Minister Moosa-UNFCCC-Bonn, Chairperson-LDC Group-UNFCCC-Morocco, Head of South African Government Delegation-POPS- Italy, Advisor to the Deputy Minister -Mabudhafasi -Sustainable Development Summit  India, Lead consultant -Harmonisation of Environmental Legislation in Africa project Training lawyers in Lesotho,

Sydney has a wealth of experience. He developed the Waste Management Policy and bye-laws for the City of Johannesburg, Developed the Integrated Waste Management Plan, Drafted legislation on Waste Management, Air Quality Management, and Chemicals Management, Drafted Regulations on Plastics in South Africa, Trained customs and port enforcement officers on the legal aspects of the import and export of hazardous waste and other wastes under the Basel Convention in Africa, Drafted Regulations and Standards on Medical Waste, Waste Information System, Recycling and Waste Minimization, Integrated Waste, Management Plans,


Advised South African government on Climate Change and the Clean Development Mechanism, Represented the South African government in the international and continental negotiations on climate change and developed Climate Change Mitigation and Response Strategy Handbook for the Chamber of Mines


Advised the Minister of Energy in South Africa on:energy and policy (electricity generation, distribution, and transmission, petroleum products, fracking,  petroleum pipelines, tariffs, decarbonization of the energy systems, decentralized energy systems). Acquisition and purchase of petroleum products, Licensing and authorizations of service stations, wholesaling and storage and acquisition of a major oil company.


Sydney is also a senior lecturer of law in the School of Law of Kampala International University where lectures oil and gas law, environmental law and foreign investments. He is undertaking a PhD from the same University.