Infrastructure and Construction Law

Infrastructure and Construction Law

Public infrastructure and construction takes the largest portion of the Uganda Government budget. Following the discovery of oil in Uganda, it became necessary for road networks and infrastructure to be put in place. Some of our attorneys are certified by FIDIC as construction law practitioners. With the same knowledge and experience, we are able to advise on construction matters funded by World bank, European Union among other donors. Our services under this include;

  1. We advise on the appropriate form of FIDIC contract term to adopt to ensure that our client gets the best in the subject project.
  2. We advise on project Procurement process to ensure compliance with bid document requirements.
  3. Land acquisition and resettlement of project affected persons (PAPs).
  4. Rendering legal advise on the process of acquisition of materials, equipments and requirements for execution of construction projects.
  5. Advise on contract management and execution together with all legal matters associated
    with execution phase.
  6. Drafting several supporting contracts, reviewing contracts with suppliers, joint venture
    contracts and legal due diligence.
  7. Dispute resolution involving construction contracts among others legal matters.

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Angualia Daniel

LL.M (KIU), LL.B (Hons), MUK, PG Dip. LP (LDC)

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