Registration of Non Governmental Organisations in Uganda

Registration of NGOs

Registration of Non-Governmental Organisations in Uganda

Applications are made to the National Bureau of Non-Governmental Organisations.

This application form is addressed to the Secretary of the Bureau and contains the following;

  • Name of the Organization.
  • Country of origin.
  • Proposed physical address.
  • Particulars of any affiliated organization whether within or outside Uganda.
  • Objects of the organization.
  • Classes of persons to whom the organization is open.
  • The present number of members.
  • Tittles of officers of the organization.
  • Names, occupations, and addresses of present or proposed officers of the organization.
  • Sources of funding.
  • Property (if any) and the manner in which it is held, acquired or vested.
  • Bankers of the organization.
  • Any privileges, immunities, or exemptions requested by the organization from the government.
  • Names, signatures, and passport size photographs of the promoters.
  • The form must be dated.

This form must be accompanied by

  1. A certificate of incorporation (this applies where the organization is an already legally registered entity e.g. a company limited by guarantee).
  2. A copy of the organization’s constitution.
  3. A specification of the area of the intended operation of the organization i.e. the geographical area, the field of operation e.g. health, education, gender, and sexuality, etc
  4. A valid reservation of the organization’s name by the registrar of companies.
  5. A chart showing the organizational structure of the organization.
  6. A work plan and budget for the 1st year of operation.
  7. Payment receipts for registration fees.
  8. For local/indigenous organizations (NGOs wholly controlled by Ugandan citizens), they must additionally have ;
  • A written recommendation to the Bureau by two sureties.
  • A written recommendation by the Senior Assistant Secretary (chairperson) of the SNMC of the area where the organization intends to operate.
  • A written recommendation by the RDC.
  • Where the organization intends to operate throughout Uganda, a written recommendation by at least two of the above.

Upon compliance with the above requirements, the Bureau then registers the Organization and is issued a certificate of registration as NGO with a registration Name, Number, and date.

Once an organization is registered, it remains so registered unless its registration is canceled, voluntarily deregistered, or if it is wound up.

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