Staffing Of An Ngo And Employment Of Non Citizens In Uganda

Staffing Of An NGO And Employment Of Non Citizens In Uganda

Staffing of an NGO and employment of non citizens in Uganda

The law requires every organization to;

  • Submit to the Bureau a chart showing its organizational structure at the time of applying for registration.
  • Indicating its foreign staff requirements
  • The period for replacement of foreign staff with qualified Ugandans.
  • Comply with Ugandan employment and labour laws.
  • Not employ a non citizen unless that person has been cleared by the Government of Uganda.

The process of clearance requires the organization to forward to the Uganda government through the Ugandan Diplomatic Mission in that country the following for consideration of their suitability to work in Uganda;

  • Certified details of his or her certificates,
  • credentials,
  • recommendations,
  • proven work experience,
  • Certificate of criminal clearance.

(For purposes of use across country such documents must be notarized).

  • An NGO shall not practice salary discrimination between Ugandans and non nationals.