Foreign Investment

Foreign Investment

Foreign investment in Uganda is specifically guided by; Investment Code Act, Citizenship and Immigration Control Act, Companies Act 2012 and Income Tax Act. With our expert knowledge of Uganda’s regulatory framework and experience with foreign investment across a wide range of industry sectors we assist international clients with the establishment and management of their Ugandan investments. Access our guide to establishing a foreign business in Uganda by contacting us.

Our Attorneys have a wealth of experience in advising foreign investors across a variety of sectors including energy and resources, real estate, infrastructure, manufacturing, agribusiness and financial services. We advise on the regulatory and compliance aspects of the suitable business entity or special purpose vehicles (SPVs) utilized by our clients and advise on transactions with cross border dimensions in accordance with the WTO Trade Guidelines, the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods and Related Transactions (CISG), ICC Rules on Documentary Credits.

In addition, we assist in processing investment license applications with Uganda Investment Authority, assist in processing tax identification number with Uganda Revenue Authority, processing trading license, processing work visas among other areas of law applicable to foreign investment including land acquisition and corporate regulation.

We do the same things differently depending on the needs of our clients. We thus utilise our cordial cooperation and collaboration built over time with government organisations and authorities to leverage our clients’ tasks in order to timely deliver our clients’ instructions.

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